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A valid passport, that is good for up to six months from the time of your departure, is required to travel outside the United States. Citizens of the U.S., Mexico, and Canada do not need to obtain a visa to enter Israel. Those holding passports from other countries may require a visa. If you are holding a passport from another country, please contact your nearest Israel Consulate General to inquire if it is necessary for you to obtain a visitors visa. Get US Passport information HERE


Travel Insurance brochures will be included in your information packet. Insurance is optional and yet suggested if you or any of your immediate family members have medical conditions that might unforeseeably change your travel plans. There are different coverage plans available that insure lost luggage, travel delays due to inclement weather, or medical reasons and more. Get Travel Insurance Info HERE.


No vaccinations are required to visit Israel.


A list of the hotels you will be staying at, including telephone numbers will be sent to you along with your air ticket reservation number approximately three weeks prior to your departure.


Your name and passport is all that you will need to check in and obtain your ticket at the airport. However, a flight itinerary along with your ticket number or reservation number will be sent to you approximately three weeks prior to your departure.It is recommended that you arrive at the airport two hours prior to flight time. If you are connecting with another flight, please make sure you have enough connection time in between.


The airline allows you to check one suitcase per person, not exceeding 50 lbs. You will be charged over weight if your bag is over this limit. You are also allowed one carry-on bag. Be sure to put identification on the outside and inside of your luggage. Nametags will be provided by TTB in your kit.


Israel is a very casual country. Casual attire and sportswear are recommended for all touring days. You may wish to pack a couple of semi-dressy outfits for evenings. Take a sun hat, sunglasses, notebook, and sunscreen. Even in the warm summer months, Jerusalem can be cool in the evenings. We suggest you take along a jacket that matches your vacation wardrobe. Check climate chart. Best tip: Take along comfortable walking shoes and pack light. If you have forgotten to pack something, don't fret as you can buy just about anything you need in Israel.


Roll, don’t fold – takes less space and less prone to wrinkle.

Take neutral colors and pack pieces you can mix and match.

Buddy Packing – If you are traveling with a family member, consider packing half of each of your belongings in each other’s bag. This way, if one of the bags were to not arrive, you each have half of your belongings.

Resist packing full-size products.

Avoid Pickpockets. Gentlemen keep your wallet in your front pocket or purchase a money belt. Ladies, a long shoulder strapped purse that you can where across you’re body is great for comfort and security.


When visiting many religious sites and churches within Israel, you are required to wear modest clothing. Please check with your guide to see if any religious sites will be included in the itinerary on the days you would like to wear shorts or sleeveless tops. This applies to both men and women. If you plan to dress “light,” it will be helpful to carry a large scarf or jacket to cover up when need be.


Electrical current in Israel is 220 volts/50 cycles. For most computers, cell phones and cameras, you will need a round two-pronged adapter that will fit into electrical sockets in Israel. You will not be able to plug in your chargers without an adapter. Adapters are sold at most Target, travel and hardware stores. is also a great resource. You will need to make sure your appliance can work at 220 voltages, (few hair dryers do). If not, you will need to purchase a converter that has the capacity to handle the number of watts of electricity the appliance uses. carries dual voltage hair dryers.


If you plan to take your laptop computer, please be prepared to pay for Internet connection at the hotels.


You may check with your wireless phone service regarding international calls however the cost is usually around $3.00 per minute. A more economical means for communication would be to purchase an international calling card or rent a cell phone or SIM card for your own phone. Two companies that rent phones are and TTB will send you the phone numbers of the hotels to leave with your family. It will be less expensive for family to call you rather than you call out from the hotel. The best time to reach you would be early morning or evening. The time difference (depending on daylight savings) is 7 hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time.


Call your credit cards in advance to let them know when and where you will be traveling. This will ensure you that the credit card company won’t flag any of your vacation purchases as possible fraudulent and leave your credit card unusable. Ask your credit card what the international fees may be. Make copies of important travel documents including your passport, credit cards and leave them with a relative.


U.S. currency, Visa and MasterCard are gladly accepted at most stores and restaurants throughout Israel. If you wish to convert U.S. dollars into Israeli shekels you may do so upon arriving at the airport in Israel while waiting for your luggage (there are banks inside the terminal), at your hotel, or at any bank in Israel. Many times when you pay in dollars you will receive your change in Israeli currency. In order not to end up with a lot of local currency, you may wish to take a number of one and five dollar bills. The Shekel is approximately 3.5 NIS to the U.S. dollar.

Separate your money. When traveling, try keeping one credit card and some cash with you for day trips, and leave the rest behind locked in your hotel room safe.


Frequent flyer upgrades are not permitted on group airfares. If you do have a Mileage Frequent Flyer Account, you may receive mileage credit for your flight to Israel. Be sure to list your number on your tour registration form.


The sequence of our day-to-day itinerary, as listed in the brochure, may be altered if need be.

JERUSALEM 45-57 47-77 63-86 65-78 47-56
TEL AVIV 48-66 51-77 67-86 69-83 47-76
GALILEE 48-67 51-89 70-99 65-95 53-78
DEAD SEA 53-72 61-93 80-101 81-90 56-80

As published by the Israel Ministry of Tourism

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