Israel Feast of Tabernacles Tour - Introduction

We would like to invite you to our "Feast of Tabernacles Israel Tour"


September 23, October 4, 2015.  taking place during the lunar eclipse (Blood Red Moon) and at the time  ushering in the year of Jubilee.  This is one of the most significant times to travel to Israel and we invite you to join us!

The Feast of Tabernacles is one the God’s appointed Feasts, where the children of Israel were commanded to build and dwell in booths. This was to commemorate God’s provision in this temporal world, which was vividly experienced during their exodus from Egypt and journey to the Promised Land.
It is one of the three festivals where Israel was told to “come up” to Jerusalem and worship.

The future significance of the Feast of Tabernacles is given when the Prophet Zechariah foretells that during the millennial reign the nations of the world will be commanded to come up to Jerusalem once a year to celebrate this Feast.  For many years now, Christians from around the world (over 100 different countries) have come to Israel to show their support, worship the Lord, and participate in the International Christian Embassy Conference and Celebration.  Each year Tours Through The Book and Exodus Ltd. host a tour that highlights some of the most meaningful sites in Israel. This is a beautiful time of unity among Believers from diverse cultures that share in common our love for the Lord and the anticipation of the day He will establish His Kingdom from His beloved city, Jerusalem.  Christians from around the world participate in the Jerusalem Parade, reaffirming that His people are our people. 

We know that the sun, moon and stars were given as signs, and it is an amazing phenomenon that we have had a lunar eclipse on both Passover and the Feast of Tabernacles, this year. What seems even more consequential is that there will again be a lunar eclipse (Blood Red Moon) on these two feasts in 2015.  Many believe these signs in the heavens to be the signs of the times of the nearing of the coming of the Lord.    And if that is not enough, we will also be in Israel at the time some scholars believe is the beginning of the year of Jubilee.  This was a time in the Bible that was announced by the blast of the shofar and proclaimed liberty to debts, slaves and prisoners.  Quite a significant time to be in Jerusalem!

During our trip, we will be seeing some of the most beautiful sites in Israel, as well as bringing encouragement to our underprivileged children and to the Israeli soldiers.

We anticipate great things the Lord has in store on this visit to the Israel.  For all those who feel a tugging at their hearts, it would be a blessing to share this experience with you.

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...How blessed is the man in whose heart are the highways to Zion : Psalm 84:5

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