Our Vision

Polly Grimes, gospel music pioneer and concert producer, organized her first gospel music tour to Israel in 1967.  From the moment she arrived in the Land of the Bible she knew her destiny had changed forever.   She returned home with a passion for Bible study and to grow deeper in her faith.  She also adopted a strong camaraderie with the people and nation of Israel.  Seeing the “desert having bloomed as a rose,” and hearing the amazing stories of the individuals responsible for rebuilding their biblical homeland and fulfilling the prophecy, she had grown up hearing about since she was a child, was inspiring and life changing! She formed Tours Through The Book with the vision of bringing people to Israel to walk in the footsteps of the Bible and to experience the great blessings she had received on her first trip.  She later formed Exodus Ltd., a non-profit organization focused on bringing Christians and Israelis together in unity for the benefit of the nation of Israel.

Since the beginnings, her daughters Lisa Shor and Tisha Michelle have joined her in continuing this vision and service. Lisa Shor has worked for the Israeli Government Tourist Office as Assistant Director for the Western U.S.A. and now heads the TTB  office in Redondo Beach, CA.  Tisha Michelle moved to Israel in 1993 and is one of the most sought out tour guides within the Israel, having guided many high profile political leaders and media personalities, such as Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck .  She serves as director for Exodus Ltd. Israel as well as the Director for the Welfare of the Israeli Soldiers for Northern Israel.

TTB has had the privilege of bringing notable figures to Israel such as The Gaithers, Senator Rand Paul, Governor Mike Huckabee, The Hoppers, Sandi Patti, Sister Sledge and the Isaacs, as well as many pastors and church leaders.

Tours Through The Book is a ministry with a heart towards helping to deepen the Christian walk and love for the Bible as well as helping to unite the Church and Israel for prophetic purposes that are pleasing to the heart of God.  With over 40 years of experience in organizing tours and volunteer programs to Israel, TTB brings together all the key elements to make their Christian tours to Israel the ultimate experience and spiritual discovery.  TTB offers Christian Israel tours for individuals and groups.  We can customize tour packages for your church or create special interest programs for musical groups, adventure travelers, volunteer missions, youth groups or Jewish culture and biblical roots of Christianity tours.

We believe God brings about connections…and we are so glad you have found our website and have taken the time to hear our vision.  It would be a privilege to see you on an amazing tour to Israel…. a true homecoming!

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...How blessed is the man in whose heart are the highways to Zion : Psalm 84:5

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