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A visit to Israel is a transforming experience that brings an individual to a point of spiritual change and growth. Aside from salvation it is one of the most meaningful spiritual experiences that can happen in ones life. Your congregation is sure to return home with a greater dedication to study the Scriptures, deepen their faith and become more involved in church. A Holy Land Tour is Bible School, revival, fellowship and retreat wrapped up into one package. There are few experiences in life that can come close to the impact of walking in the footsteps of Jesus and reliving his words in the actual places where he spoke them. img-personal-prayerLearning the geography, the Hebraic roots of Christianity, and the culture and setting of the Bible gives a fuller comprehension and love for the Word of God, for what we know well, we love best. This miracle that transpires in the lives of those who go with us to Israel is why the excitement of arranging groups never wanes, even after 30 years. Bringing people to Israel and teaching them in the Holy Land is a ministry that has an eternal outcome. We encourage you to make this an extension of your current ministry! When you step foot in Israel, you enter the place that is the closest you can get to Heaven – to the heart of God. All you have to do is look through the pages of the Bible to see God’s numerous confirmations of his eternal love for the Land and its people.mod-golgotha Israel is often called the Holy Land, and it is Holy Space, but not a Holy Place according to its perfection. It is Holy space because God chose it to live out His promise and to set up His eternal kingdom. Jesus said that Heaven is God’s throne and the earth His footstool, but Jerusalem is His city. God dwells throughout the earth, but Jerusalem is His home! And, if it is our Father’s home, it is our spiritual home as well. A homecoming is an awesome journey! Let’s start planning your Christian Group to Israel TODAY!






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The Value Of Taking A Group To Israel

  • Giving people the opportunity to walk in the places of the Bible and strengthen their faith
  • Gaining greater understanding of the Scriptures, culture and geographical setting of the Bible
  • Creating a deeper bond with my congregation
  • Creating lasting friendships between people by sharing life-changing experiences
  • Learning more of the Hebrew roots of Christianity and connection to the People of Israel
  •  Gaining a better understanding of prophecy and world events
  • Blessing Israel

...How blessed is the man in whose heart are the highways to Zion : Psalm 84:5

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