• Determine the dates you wish to travel. How many touring days do you want your tour to include?  Do you have any specific sites you wish to include which are not included on a standard itinerary?  Do you have any special interests or specific touring requests?  Do you want us to price in free trips for the tour leaders?
  • Tours Through The Book will work to obtain the best services and rates for your group. We will supply you with a written itinerary, tour conditions, registration form template and promotional ideas.  Tour brochure shells are available upon request.
  • A refundable air deposit will be required in order to hold your reservation.  The deposit is fully refundable until a certain date.  This will give you time to begin promoting your group and to determine the response.  If you need to cancel or reduce the size of the group, you may do so up until your utilization date, without penalty.
  • You may collect the funds from each passenger and remit payment to us or you may have registrants send their payments direct to Tours Through The Book.  This should be determined at the time of booking.
  • You will need to provide Tours Through The Book with registration forms for each passenger including:
  • The name of the passenger as it appears on their passport
  • Date of Birth
  • Phone number and email
  • Gender
  • Roommate
  • Any special requests

We will provide each passenger with travel information; travel insurance forms, a ticket portfolio, luggage tags, bags and hats.  E-Tickets will be sent out at the time of ticketing, along with airport information.


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